The Importance of Video Optimisation and Video SEO

Online video has gone beyond the mere stance of simply being a source of information and entertainment. 

Over the years, video has gained increasing popularity as a powerful and effective marketing tool for online and offline businesses. Video marketing presents easy and cost-effective options to target potential customers on a global scale. Hence, it has become crucial to opt for video optimisation to acquire an edge over your competitors in the fierce global online market.

Did you know, for example, that including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%?

Video sharing websites such as YouTube and WordPress have become a household name. According to recent statistics, these video sharing websites get millions of hits and search queries each day, which are based on specific information, or product and service details. Hence, these sites have emerged as an ideal hub to market your brand, product or services. Creating your own product or service video and optimizing it can help you to target potential customers.

Posting and optimising videos of company resources, products, or services can effectively boost web traffic. Video Optimisation establishes and popularizes your brand identity positively. Many businesses are turning to video optimisation to drive targeted traffic to their website.

Benefits of Video Optimisation

Mentioned below are some proven benefits of video optimisation,• Video optmisation offers greater visibility on video resource sites such as YouTube or Google Video. Hence, the probability of viewers locating your video increases significantly.• Optimised videos rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs).• Statistics prove that 87 million people searched for online videos in 2008. Out of the total volume of search results, 58% searches were displayed in Universal Search results. Video optimisation helps to list your videos in the search results.• Video optimisation can assist in making your video in ‘going viral', thereby achieving greater popularity on video sharing and social websites.

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