Brisbane SEO Expert Shares How To Choose The Most Effective Website Words

When creating a website most attention is often paid to the design and layout of the website.

Unfortunately while this is important, it is not the most important factor in website success. The number one critical factor to have your website rank highly in search engines and in converting visitors to customers is the actual content of your website. Website content is not something that should be left to the last moment and then slapped together, said Bipul Kafley, an expert in Internet Marketing Brisbane. Web copy should be an integral part of the planning and design process.

The reason being that search engines look at the words contained within your copy to determine precisely what your website is about. They look for keywords within your content, themes within your content and natural flow of your words when making an assessment of where to rank the site in search engine returns.

Here are the factors than need to be considered when choosing the most effective website words.

1. One main theme per website

For your best search engine results you should limit your content to one main theme per website. By this I mean that your website should only be selling one form of goods or service such as hairdressing. Don't try and merge a site on hairdressing with selling organic fruit for example. Within your website you will have separate niche target group pages - such as hair care products and hairdressing services offered. These pages should relate to the overall theme of your website.

2. Get your keywords up front

Your keywords are what helps search engines to find what someone is looking for in your content. By working with your Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane firm first you should come up with a list of appropriate keywords for your site. These keywords should be placed throughout your web copy in a natural sentence flow. They should not be too obvious, or over-used as this is termed keyword stuffing and you will be penalised for it in your search engines.

3. Length matters

To create enough words for search engines to know what your site is about and to find your keywords, you need a minimum of 400 words per web page. Pages full of images without keyword rich descriptions or copy are not very effective in search engines. If you have an image rich site you need to discuss strategies with your SEO firm to maximise the results you can generate.

4. Remember humans read your copy too!

You need to remember when writing your copy that humans as well as search engines will read your copy. Humans need to be engaged in what you are telling them, they need to have their emotions involved and they need to trust what you are saying.

You need to use language that is appropriate to the audience reading your website words, that is simple to understand and that builds a relationship with the reader. It needs to be heavily slanted towards the reader and not just about you with copy such as "Our SEO Brisbane company prides ourselves on ...".

Your web copy is a critical marketing tool so you need to ensure you are using persuasive language, focus on features and not benefits of your product or service and have build credibility with the reader.

5. Copy is also on your hidden pages

Many people create great regular pages and then forget the words on their checkout pages, their thank you pages, privacy pages or their error pages. These are pages that are not in the public eye unless an action is taken to take the person there. These pages also need to be compelling, credible and keyword rich, for maximum conversions. Your search engines firm can provide you with more information about the hidden pages you need to consider with your copy.

Making sure your copy is keyword rich, credible, compelling and calls your customers to take action is an art form. The best way to ensure your copy is both effective for humans and search engines is to hire an SEO copywriter allied to your Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation firm to help you create your copy.