A Brisbane SEO Insider Reveals Why Designing A Website Is Not Enough For Search Engine Success"

Most small to medium businesses understand the importance of having a website in terms of their business. 

Websites are as essential as business cards or business name registration for a modern business owner.The problem arises that most businesses don't understand that just having your local web developer create a website for you is not enough. You need to continually work on strategies to build your online reputation through search engine optimisation. Brisbane SEO expert Bipul Kafley, likens it to buying a car and then not filling the tank with petrol, or having it regularly maintained. Your website just won't go very far!

There is no point in having a website if no one knows that it exists. What businesses need to do is undertake some essential ongoing website maintenance.

Here are my top website maintenance tips for success in SEO Brisbane.

1. Check under the bonnet first!

The first maintenance check each business owner needs it to review the metatags for their website. The metatags are equivalent to looking under the bonnet of your car at the engine. The metatags contain information such as the page title, description and keywords for your website. Given the infancy of Brisbane search engine optimisation, the majority of web designers do not know the correct items to go into these metatags, or how to source the information.

Keywords are the equivalent of the oil in the engine - without the correct keywords then the website will be clunky. Selecting the right keywords for a business is both a science and an art and involved detailed research and statistical analysis on what people are searching for on the net. Keywords should never be something done by the client in isolation of professional advice from an experienced search engines firm.

The other thing to watch is that keywords are not a set and forget item on your site. People across the world change the words they type into search engines all of the time. Keywords are an evolving thing - so what were the correct keywords last year many not get the same results this year. You need to continuously monitor the evolution of your keywords for maximum results.

2. Watch the accessories

Just like a car, not all accessories are desirable or useful for your website. Some accessories if incorrectly applied can seriously damage your reputation such as flash graphics or movies on your front page. You need to talk with a specialist SEO firm to get advice on which accessories will add value to your site and which ones will negatively affect the value of your site.

3. Next check the body

The body copy of your site needs to be optimised for your keywords. This means that search engines can easily find your keywords on your page when their spiders crawl your page. Unless your web copy is optimised for your keywords, you will not rank highly in search engines.

4. Check out your competition

Every car owner likes to check out their neighbours cars. In the internet world this equates to checking out your competitors' sites to see what they are doing well, things you are doing better than they are and what you need to do to beat them. This takes time and detailed research to find out and generally you will need the services of an experienced search engine firm to gather the correct data.

5. Promote yourself

Unless people know your website exists, it is like having a brilliant new car but keeping it locked up in a garage where no one can see it. You need to implement measured and natural strategies to market your website through things such as inbound links.

Links are seen as votes of confidence by search engines, but the main difference is they are looking for votes from reputable friends and not people you have paid to vote for you. If you want people to know about your business, you need to adopt a considered link building campaign over an extended period of time in order to boost your reputation.

So, if you want more than just owning a website and if you want people to find your site on the search engines then you need to hire a specialist Brisbane SEO firm to help you maintain your site for maximum results.