What Precisely Does OrganicWithSEO Does To Optimise My WebSite?

Many of our competitors will try and baffle you with jargon or worse, will keep their SEO methodologies secret. OrganicWithSEO believes in educating our clients about SEO. We believe in being totally open about the process we will follow and what we will do with you for your website.

SEO is not a complicated process … but it is one that requires constant attention to gain and maintain results.

Untargeted traffic is not the goal for SEO – you need to ensure you are attracting the right people with the right level of interest to your website. OrganicWithSEO believes in getting you search engine placement results … but only in areas likely to attract qualified customers – people who genuinely are interested in buying your product or services.

OrganicWithSEO follows an 8 step methodology to ensure your website is running as smoothly as a finely tuned racing car.


We start with gaining a detailed understanding about your business goals and priorities and how you want your website to assist you meet those goals. We need to know if you are looking for a rapid spike in traffic or sustained growth in your search engine placement, as your SEO marketing strategy will be affected by your SEO goals.

We work with you to complete an initial analysis of your website and your key competitor’s websites to determine what works, what doesn’t and what needs to be improved. We assess your universal search results on common keywords to determine your current website rankings. There are more than 200+ variables that are taken into account in search engine algorithms and each factor needs to be considered as part of this analysis.


Once we are clear on your SEO goals and objectives we start detailed research on your keywords using our SEO toolkit. Keywords are the words customers type in search engines to find your site. Some keywords are very competitive, which means there are a large number of websites all targeting those words. Others have much less competition and can be brilliant to attract targeted niche markets to your website.

All businesses could choose literally hundreds of keywords for their website. The challenge comes from selecting the optimal few and researching them to discover the numbers of people are looking for them and how much competition exists for those words.

We start with the list of keywords you provide and then supplement these words with our own recommendations based on our research. At OrganicWithSEO, Brisbane’s Internet Marketing specialists, we have the best SEO tools and extensive experience to provide you with a list of optimal keywords for your website.

When looking at keywords we assess factors such as daily search activity on those keywords, as well as other competing pages that rank against those keywords on the major search engines.

To get the best search engine placement rankings you need to optimize your website with the best keywords in the right locations in your website. If this is done correctly you will generate maximum qualified traffic to your website and improve your online performance.
Keyword effectiveness also is dependent on the relevance of your web content or web words. You need to have high quality content on your website that supports the keywords that you are targeting. OrganicWithSEO has alliances with SEO Copywriting specialists and other specialists in Internet Marketing, Australia to help make this job easy for you.


Understanding precisely why how and why your competitors rank as highly as they do is a critical part of creating your website optimization strategy. The challenge is that competitor analysis for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be challenging and very tedious for most people unless they have the right SEO toolkit.

In undertaking your competitor analysis we talk with you, your employees and your key users to find out more about your competitors. We then run a number of analysis reports on your key competitors including on factors such as keywords, key phrases and links.


Once we have completed the research and analysis steps we then produce a detailed recommendation report outlining the blueprint for your website optimization strategy. This report also provides you with clear benchmarks to use to measure your return-on-investment of your SEO strategy.

Some SEO companies that promise instant organic results operate by using “black hat SEO strategies”. These strategies are seen by search engines as spam and search engine companies quickly penalise unwary companies by permanently black-banning their websites. Can your business afford to have your website permanently closed down? There is no need for spam strategies in the search for the best web position.

All SEO strategies that OrganicWithSEO recommend are what are called “white hat SEO strategies”. That means we always operate 100% within the boundaries of correct SEO practice and all results are natural, sustained and effective.


During our next step – implementation, we start with personally assessing your current website content for keyword distribution and placement across multiple areas of your site.

While we at OrganicWithSEO use a number of SEO tools to assist our process, we do not rely on statistics alone but call on our judgement to determine optimal page editing for the correct keyword density, frequency and distribution. We may also recommend additional areas on your website where new content is needed to maximise your results.


The next area we assess is link popularity. The number of incoming links to your site is an important criterion in determining where your site appears in the search engine results pages.

There are two main aspects of link development:

  • Internal Link Structure
  • Incoming/Outbound Links

OrganicWithSEO provides recommendations to make your site easy for search engine spiders to crawl and to assist them to find your most relevant information.
Search engines take links seriously as it is mainly through your links you are classified as a subject matter expert. One way links are great, especially if they come from quality and authoritative sites. The objective with linking strategies is to develop high quality incoming links from sites that compliment or supplement your keyword areas.

At OrganicWithSEO we validate your links, recommend new quality links, highlight great links that your competitor is linking to and most importantly assist you in link development. If there are spam type links on your website we will alert you so that you can take corrective action. OrganicWithSEO does not join link farms.

Through our SEO tools we identify all the pages that currently link to your site, verify the list and provide you with the list on a regular basis.

Search engines love new quality links as long as these links appear to be occurring naturally. Search engines look for “natural” linking which means a link here today, another there tomorrow, a few more the day after. If the links are listed too fast or are of low quality, you are inviting your site to be banned from search engines.

OrganicWithSEO, unlike many other Brisbane Internet Marketing companies, allocates regular time to actively seek out other relevant directories or web sites and manually list your site. Quality link popularity may be time consuming, but it is well worth the effort.

We also implement other strategies such as article writing and submission and social posting using Web 2.0 websites as additional means of generating links.


At OrganicWithSEO we understand that effective search engine submission is a manual process. Once we have made required changes to your website, we generate an XML site map and upload the sitemap at major search engines for indexing. The right site map helps search engine spiders to correctly index all the pages of your site – leaving nothing behind and getting you better search engine results

How long does it take for your site to be indexed after search engine submission? The answer is it varies. Generally we suggest businesses allow 3-4 weeks for full site indexing by major search engines and to see the results of the SEO strategies on their search engine rankings.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website requires constant monitoring and attention to ensure all gains are maintained. At OrganicWithSEO we have extensive reports to help you test and measure the results of your SEO strategy against your initial benchmarks. This gives you a firm base to help you further refine and optimise your website.

OrganicWithSEO reports include:

•· Ranking Report by Keyword
•· Ranking Report by Page Name
•· Ranking Report History
•· Domain Ranking Report

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