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What is SEO? Why you need it!

If you’ve had a website designed to improve your business, then you already know just how important it is to ensure it attracts potential customers. It is mission critical that your website is inviting and informative, but most importantly, it must function as an extension of your sales team. This requires accurate optimisation of your pages and your content to ensure you not only exceed your customer’s expectations, but overpower your competition in a tough economy.

As a vast information tool, the internet allows people to search for products, services and information using search engines such as Google, Cuil, Yahoo!, MSN. By keying in phrases or queries, the user is effectively searching for ‘keywords‘, and sites that appear in search engines are identified by their keywords and are known as ‘natural’ or ‘organic‘ search results. OWS helps optimise your site to improve its identification in the organic search results.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of enhancing your website to enable search engines’ tools, known as ‘spiders’ and ‘robots’ to find your site, and rank you high and Without an SEO specialist to help you, your site’s structure, coding, keyword content will decrease the number of visitors to your site!

  • OrganicWithSEO SEO packages are ideal for small to large enterprises looking to improve their website to increase its visibility and the number of visitors to the site.
  • OrganicWithSEO undertakes extensive research that is specifically tailored to your website. This research identifies the niche target markets associated with your business.
  • OrganicWithSEO will examine your competitors and report on who is controlling the niche market associated with keywords relating to your business or industry.
  • OrganicWithSEO analyses your website code, style sheets, metadata, heading tags, image tags and other factors that will ensure your website can successfully be improved.

SEO Demystified

In general terms, business websites that are poorly structured fail to support the unique selling proposition of an organisation.

With the support of a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist, you can focus your website on the primary niche or theme associated with your business.

You help define the niche target groups or categories of information that highlight your webpage content to the search engines, and this is achieved through powerful keywords that are tied to the search terms and phrases being used in the web browser.

Theme Research …

By clearly identifying your niche market or theme, OWS will research and ascertain the nature of your website visitors and determine the keywords that are being used when your site is found in a search engine such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN or Cuil. We do the research so you don’t have to worry, and this includes a professional analysis of your competitors and timely support in determining which keywords have a high search volume, and therefore give your website a better chance of being ranked highly in search engines.

Niche Target Group Research …

Categorising or grouping information about your website is commonly known as creating ‘silos’ or establishing niche target groups. Such categories help search engines to index your website in association with its key theme. OWS will research appropriate niche target groups and create categories that ensure significant and targeted visitors to your site. We will recommend certain categories according to the daily traffic to your site, market saturation analysis and pay-per-click values.

Theme Research …

Content / Article Research …

The content associated with your website needs to support the key categories or niche target groups that OWS has identified as being the most effective way to achieve a high rank in popular search engines. The most effective keywords are chosen to support your content development. OWS uses tracking mechanisms to identify the level of success associated with the keywords. In turn, this information provides details about the types of content required to target your niche audience. OWS avoids targeting individual terms for key search engine rankings, and instead focuses on working with multiple terms associated with your niche theme.

Website Analysis – OWS Report

Your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) professionals, OrganicWithSEO will undertake a comprehensive review of your website, analyse the content and structure, and make strategic suggestions about enhancing the website for greater recognition in the search engines.

The following outlines our website analysis service:

Site Assessment

The OWS report will provide a snapshot of the vital components of your site. We will report on the number of pages, images, total internal and external links, and provide recommendations for optimising each of these components.

Website Architecture

OWS will explore your internal linking structure. This is important as internal links play a major role in ensuring the search engines recognise the nature of your business, so that people can find you on the web.

Code Compliance

Without correct code on your site, search engines will fail to index the pages. OWS will report on any technical changes required to enhance your site for search engines to begin ranking you.

Metadata Revision

Titles, descriptions and keywords constitute your metadata. In order to achieve maximum search engine exposure this metadata needs to be used correctly and efficiently; the OWS report will detail areas for improvement.

Content Optimisation Analysis

OWS considers the content of your website to be the fuel upon which search engines operate! A comprehensive analysis of your content will be crucial in determining the strengths and weaknesses of your site, including keyword placement throughout your site. This aspect of the OWS report will identify how much content will be needed in order to rank and compete within your market on the web.

Ranking Report

The OWS report will allow you to identify the keywords associated with your website that are being ranked, as well as their positions in.

Google Analytics Consultation

The OWS report will provide recommendations regarding adding Google Analytics tracking codes to relevant pages within your site so that rich data is collected about your site visitors, including the manner with which they interact with the site.

Competitor Analysis

OWS will provide you with comprehensive list of the top 5-7 online competitors associated with your website based on your keywords, overall theme and your products / services.

Monthly Meetings

Search Engine Optimisation requires specialist skills to maintain currency in this changing environment. The professional team at OWS will conduct monthly meetings with you based on analysed data collected from your site. These meetings will ensure you remain competitive in the marketplace.

 Why Our Prices – Why OWS?

The prices and methodology at OrganicWithSEO are entwined. Our approach to your project is to take the most up-to-date SEO tools and provide you with expert analysis of your site and report on your competitors. Whether you are communicating information about your products, services or events, OWS has the professional qualifications to help you increase your website visitors, grow brand awareness and help you achieve business success.

Does your SEO provider guarantee to:

  • boost your search engine rankings?
  • identify the BEST keywords for YOU?
  • develop your optimisation strategy?
  • use ethical practices?
  • build organic (FREE) web traffic?

The systems to which OWS subscribes are the most comprehensive and expensive analysis tools available, and many of them are available exclusively to OWS clients! Very few SEO service providers have access to all these tools. We are confident of our position within the web marketing industry and look forward to serving your business so you can gain significant advantage over your competitors.

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