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Why Organic Rankings are Important

Mar 19, 2013   //   by Bipul Kafley   //   Blog, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  //  4 Comments

So you have a great idea or product that you want to promote or sell. You decide to hire a web designer to build your website. You pay a web hosting company to host your website for a monthly fee. You may think you’ve done all you need to do to start generating traffic. But you are missing one important pillar to building a killer website with strong traffic to your site; search engine optimization.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process by which web designers and online marketing agencies formulate keywords for your website that will increase traffic to your page by increasing the order or ranking of your website in search results. If you are looking for a webhosting company and you type the words “webhosting companies” in your search engine, if your website provides webhosting and has been designed for search engine optimization, your website will be ranked near or at the top of the search results, depending on the effectiveness of your website’s keywords.

So what are organic rankings? Organic rankings are the search results of keywords that match the content of your website. It is organic because the terms used in a search for “webhosting companies” match the keywords on your website. Of course there are a lot of webhosting companies on the internet. SEO marketing companies use their expertise to choose the right terms and keywords to get your website to come up first or near the top of those searches.

Non-organic rankings use pay per view advertising to get their websites listed at the top of search engines. These are listed in the search results as “ad results.” People who just want information about a particular topic may not be interested in the advertised listings. They may just want the search results. That’s where organic rankings are so important. They will populate your webpage in the search results, increasing the likelihood that your website will be seen and visited.

You can find companies that do each of these things. But the best way to get the most bang for your buck is to find an online marketing agency that can do it all. OrganicWith SEO is an Australian based global full digital and online marketing agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization with Organic Rankings in mind to help bring the most traffic to your website.


Introducing Our Newly Re-launched Website!!

Dec 29, 2012   //   by Bipul Kafley   //   News and Events  //  No Comments

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re proud to finally announce the launch of the newly redesigned

While we loved the look of our old site, we have been evolving as a company and needed a new way to showcase the kind of work we are doing now. We have completely redesigned our layout with simplicity, ease of use and a strong focus on content delivery in mind.

We believe that a great website is never truly finished. Our new website will become the launching point for many exciting new features we will be rolling out in both the near and distant future. Some of our planned improvements include integration of ecommerce cart and easy service order feature for our clients.

We truly hope you enjoy exploring our new website, and please feel free to send us comments or feedback you may have!

- The OrganicWithSEO Team

A huge thank you to everyone (Jonathan, Aloka, Heroly, Winston and the team) involved in making this happen!!

Forget Billboards TV Radio Newspaper

Apr 6, 2010   //   by Bipul Kafley   //   News and Events  //  5 Comments

Around 85% of website visits are guided by search engines. That is a staggering statistic considering how many businesses spend most of their online marketing budget on factors other than search engine optimization (SEO). While banner advertising, reference website listing, and even the expensive referrals from other websites and companies affect some inflow of traffic to the company website, search engine optimization (SEO) has to be the elephant in the room.

Let’s take as an example our very own Brisbane, Australia based SEO Company. Without SEO, even OrganicWithSEO would be lying at some corner of the enormous World Wide Web waiting desperately for visitors. Have you ever seen a large billboard with OrganicWithSEO on it? Has OWS ever appeared on your TV? Have you ever heard of its name in the radio, let alone the term SEO itself? Have you ever seen any SEO company’s name in the classifieds section of the newspaper, never mind that of OWS? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you must be in a strange place that nobody else has been to.

You got to this website because you were looking for a search engine optimization company and thought the best and easiest way to do that would be to type SEO or something of that nature on Google search. And here you are, we got you here like a mouse after cheese, using one very small, relatively inexpensive piece of it. The value of SEO, therefore, lies in being able to generate qualified leads and bring them directly through to the company website by utilizing their search words. In this way, they will find what they were looking for, and so will the company. It’s a win-win situation!

Expand your Business with Website Optimisation

Mar 13, 2009   //   by Bipul Kafley   //   Tips and Articles  //  1 Comment

Websites have become the easiest way to promote business and this is the reason that website optimisation is getting popular day by day. Truly speaking, website optimisation provides turnkey solutions to the organizations that facilitate them to enhance their productivity and take the advantage of huge profits.

What is Website Optimisation?

The process of designing a website distinctively so that it can rank high in the search engines is called Website Optimisation. Previously, when Website Optimisation was not into use, the content or the interface of the website could generate traffic, but this was not quality traffic that could be of assistance in promoting the products or increasing the sales. However, these days, most of the organizations are using this technique. People face many tribulations when it comes to E-business or E-commerce, but by using this valuable technique the corporate businesses are being facilitated to target their audience.

Components in the Web Page

In Website Optimisation, the foremost aspect that should be taken care of is the keyword. A keyword is actually a word that describes your web page in an improved manner. If the keywords or the keyword phrases are used in an appropriate manner then the web page will be able to target quality traffic for the website. The keywords should be such that they best optimize the web page.

Use of Meta tags are also an effective way to rank high in the search engines. These tags are actually used between the HTML tags <HEAD> and </HEAD> so as to instruct the browser and these also contain description of the web page. This description should always incorporate the core idea of the website’s content. Hiring a service provider is a good alternative as these service providers follow a strategy while designing the websites, where they cover all the aspects ranging from attractive content to striking website architecture. If necessary, they even outline the essential modifications after the web page is finalized.

Benefits of Website Optimisation

• Targeting the customers will become easy with this technique.
• Only the quality traffic will visit the website.
• Most of the visitors will be converted to customers.
• Quality Traffic will also help to promote the products.
• The organization will observe an increase in the sales as well.

Website Optimisation Service Providers

There are numerous professional web designing and development service providers in the market that specialize in creating websites. They carry out their job in an extremely effectual manner and the website designed by them effectively promotes the client’s products as well as their services. The major concern of these service providers is to design dynamic or static websites keeping in mind the crucial factors like ease of use, contents and many other aspects. Their main focus is to produce search engine affable content for the client’s websites so that it can rank well in the search engine.

So, opt for Website Optimisation and help your internet business grow.

Prop up with Web Marketing and Website Marketing

Mar 13, 2009   //   by Bipul Kafley   //   Tips and Articles  //  1 Comment

With the enhancement in technologies all the people are getting linked to Internet which is extensively being used as the form for business these days. If you are into the corporate market and do not have a website, you shall not be able to flourish at all. Websites have become the easiest way to communicate in the domestic as well as international market. This has provided an ease to the small scale businesses and several big organizations to sell their products and gain profits. The business that is carried out on internet is called Web Marketing.

Web Marketing and Website Marketing

Internet has introduced many exclusive benefits to the corporate market. One of the biggest advantages of E-business to the organizations is that organizations can allocate the information to the clients and new customers at extremely lower costs. When we talk of Web Marketing and Website Marketing, the first thing that should be considered is the strategy. While carrying out any process related to Web Marketing and Website Marketing, a particular strategy should be followed.

This strategy involves various steps like researching the market for the competitors, positive and negative aspects of the competitor, developing stratagems to satisfy the customers and scrutinizing the performance to name a few. By following these guidelines the websites can get superior SEO ranking. In addition to this, one should always keep in mind that what the customer is purposely looking for. If the organization will be able to satisfy the requirements of the customer, the tendency to loose the customer will be negligible.

Value of words

Words are the most powerful aspect of Web Marketing and Website Marketing while designing websites. If the content incorporated in a website is riveting, the customer will definitely make up his mind to purchase the product from the website because compelling the customer with the content is the most difficult task. So, the content of the websites is an influential phase that should be written by keeping several guidelines in mind.

Benefits of Web Marketing and Website Marketing

• The organizations who have a limited advertising budget can take the complete advantage of Web Marketing and Website Marketing. With the help of E-business they can advertise their products in the international as well as the domestic market.
• Targeting quality traffic becomes very easy with Web Marketing and Website Marketing. Consumers can effortlessly purchase the products and take advantage of the services as well.
• Web Marketing and Website Marketing targets the company goals and this is the biggest reason that Website Marketing is able to enhance the sales.
• Web Marketing and Website Marketing can acquaint the customers with the information 24 x 7. If a customer is willing to obtain the products and services at any moment of time, he can simply log on to the website and avail the services.
Web Marketing and Website Marketing is a good solution to satisfy the customers and add value to the services as the customers are offered convenience 24 x 7.

So take into account the instructions and opt for Web Marketing and Website Marketing.

The Importance of Video Optimisation and Video SEO

Mar 11, 2009   //   by Bipul Kafley   //   Tips and Articles  //  1 Comment

Online video has gone beyond the mere stance of simply being a source of information and entertainment. Over the years, video has gained increasing popularity as a powerful and effective marketing tool for online and offline businesses. Video marketing presents easy and cost-effective options to target potential customers on a global scale. Hence, it has become crucial to opt for video optimisation to acquire an edge over your competitors in the fierce global online market.

Video sharing websites such as YouTube and WordPress have become a household name. According to recent statistics, these video sharing websites get millions of hits and search queries each day, which are based on specific information, or product and service details. Hence, these sites have emerged as an ideal hub to market your brand, product or services. Creating your own product or service video and optimizing it can help you to target potential customers.

Posting and optimising videos of company resources, products, or services can effectively boost web traffic. Video Optimisation establishes and popularizes your brand identity positively. Many businesses are turning to video optimisation to drive targeted traffic to their website.

Benefits of Video Optimisation

Mentioned below are some proven benefits of video optimisation,
• Video optmisation offers greater visibility on video resource sites such as YouTube or Google Video. Hence, the probability of viewers locating your video increases significantly.
• Optimised videos rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs).
• Statistics prove that 87 million people searched for online videos in 2008. Out of the total volume of search results, 58% searches were displayed in Universal Search results. Video optimisation helps to list your videos in the search results.
• Video optimisation can assist in making your video in ‘going viral’, thereby achieving greater popularity on video sharing and social websites.

OrganicWithSEO team of SEO professionals delivers cutting edge SEO for all budgets and on time. Contact Organic With SEO at SEO Brisbane | SEO Sydney | SEO Melbourne | SEO Perth | SEO Sunshine Coast and SEO Australia to discover the top SEO campaign for your firm.


Mar 1, 2009   //   by Bipul Kafley   //   Twitter  //  No Comments

Twitter is considered a tool that is not exactly designed for marketing. However, since it represents a large community of connected and interrelated people, it is a very convenient place to promote your company and your brand and whatever products or services you have to offer. This is also another mode where your clients can know updates about your business. Twitter also offers a lot of helpful tools that can aid you in tracking the  traffic, your followers, their tweets and similar stuff that will enable  you to get the whole picture of the state of your business. In this way  you can find out how your brand is rated and perceived, what the followers think about it, whether your customers are satisfied or not and many other useful information that will help you make proper adjustments or modifications if necessary. This is absolutely a great way to interact with our clientele!

Hear me and other speak at Web Wednesday SEO event.

Feb 20, 2009   //   by Bipul Kafley   //   News and Events  //  No Comments

Check out this video and listen to an exciting line-up of search engine optimisation (SEO) experts who attended a Web Wednesday event, a monthly internet and marketing related event run by The Creative Collective.


Answering SEO questions from the audience were Edmund Pelgen of Market Reach, Andrew Plimmer of SunCoast Internet, Lisa Evett of The Creative Collective and myself representing OrganicWithSEO.

Here you go, I have listed below some popular questions that were raised during the event :

1. What are some of the tactics/strategies used ‘back in the day’ that would never work today?
2. When did things start to change i.e. when did seo start to become important?
3. What impact can SEO have on your business?
4. Talk us through your methodology for on page optimization? (Content, alt tags, links, h1, h2, image names, page titles, page descriptions, Meta data.
. Some people say that page descriptions, titles etc don’t matter – what’s your spin on this?

Plus heaps more.

Sunshine Coast SEO services – for when you want your website to be found

Feb 13, 2009   //   by Bipul Kafley   //   SEO Australia Wide  //  2 Comments

Queensland’s Sunshine Coast offers an amazing lifestyle, with a mix of surfing beaches and calm swimming spots, plenty of entertainment and tourist attractions, along with boutiques and country markets, making it an ever-popular holiday destination.

The increasing population and major tourism industry means that business is booming in this region, particularly at the family-friendly vacation Mecca of Caloundra. It’s no surprise then that many Sunshine Coast business owners find their website isn’t being found amongst the internet maze. However, with the expert guidance of OrganicWithSEO in all areas of web site SEO, including comprehensive SEO copywriting and web site marketing, Caloundra and all Sunshine Coast businesses can now be sure their website is found quickly and easily with Sunshine Coast SEO services.

Specialists in Sunshine Coast search engine optimisation strategies, OrganicWithSEO are Sunshine Coast SEO consultants, able to raise your search engine ranking to bring a greater amount of traffic to your website. And we do this without the use of costly advertising such as Google Adwords ppc (pay per click). Our experts in Sunshine Coast internet marketing provide dependable, superior search engine marketing for businesses across the Sunshine Coast and Australia.

OrganicWithSEO’s Sunshine Coast website optimisation services are well reputed across the industry and guarantee to:

• Increase your search engine rankings
• Identify the BEST keywords for YOU
• Develop your specific optimisation strategy
• Use ethical practices
• Boost organic (FREE) web traffic
• Develop search engine friendly sites
• Offer competitive rates

Contact OrganicWithSEO now, your leading Sunshine Coast SEO firm, for a free site review for your business or an obligation free quote for your individual requirements.

Come and hear me speak as a panelist at an exciting event on the Sunshine Coast soon!

Feb 1, 2009   //   by Bipul Kafley   //   News and Events  //  8 Comments

As you know I work in the field of internet marketing.I am excited to have been asked recently to be a panelist at an event called Web Wednesday being held on the Sunshine Coast on the topic of search engine optimization or SEO.

Web Wednesdays are monthly internet and marketing related events run by award winning local create agency, The Creative Collective. They’re a great place to meet other business owners and see what they’re doing when it comes to anything internet related, gain advice from industry professionals in an informal setting and generally learn and gather new knowledge to apply in your own business.

Join me at the next event on Wednesday 11 February where myself and two more of the Coast’s leading search engine optimisation specialists will share top tricks to improving your website’s ranking and be available for q & a at the end!

At the event we’ll share:

* Our top on page optimization tricks
* Are paid listings worth investing in for back links?
* How to conduct a mini website analysis on your site so you know where you are strong and where you are weak
* How to check out what your competitors are up to and emulate their success

And much more.

The event will be held on Wednesday 11 February, 6pm – 8pm at the Mooloolaba Surf Club, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Tickets are just $27.
Secure your ticket now: Just drop us an email.

And feel free to forward this email to anyone else you think might be interested too!

Bipul Kafley


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