Getting Started With Organic Search Engine Traffic [Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Brisbane]

Nov 30, 2008   //   by Bipul Kafley   //   Tips and Articles  //  1 Comment

Imagine this – you have a great product or service, that you know people need. You also have a well thought out website, designed to make contacting you , or buying your products and services simple and easy. Now all you need is a stream of visitors to your site that are interested in buying what you are selling. This is the dilemma most business owners face when going online. Developing the product is often the easy part – attracting qualified, potential customers can seem daunting and often times impossible, but like many things in life, enlisting the help of a qualified professional and can make all the difference.Organic search engine traffic is without a doubt the best quality traffic available. That is not to say that pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns do not have their place – they absolutely do, but in terms of bottom line return on investment (ROI), with the right SEO specialist on the job, organic search engine traffic is going to convert better, and in the long run, cost less.

Now, I mention with ‘the right SEO specialist’- as SEO efforts can and often do lead to little or no results. This is why hiring a professional that specializes in search engine optimization is crucial. Unlike many other online marketing disciplines, the constantly changing nature of algorithms used by the major search engines means that one must literally live and breathe the science of optimization, in order to maintain their ability to deliver consistent results for their clients.

Part of the process involves really taking the time to analyze what keywords are going to be targeted and why. This is a part of the process that is often undervalued, leading to faulty assumptions about what keywords are best suited to a particular business. Part of this process should focus on how you are going to sell your product, how can you differentiate yourself from similar products or services and could these differentiations lead to a slightly different focus in terms of SEO strategy?

As we will discuss in further depth upcoming articles, content is king when it comes to search engine rankings, so knowing exactly how and why you want people to be finding your site when developing content is critically important and a good SEO specialist will help you get this right.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) does not have to be difficult – it just needs to be worked at on a regular basis for maximum results.

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