Brisbane SEO Specialist Says “Most Websites Have Fundamental Flaws”

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Brisbane SEO Specialist Bipul Kafley was quoted as saying that most websites owned by small to medium sized businesses have fundamental flaws that means they don’t achieve the search engine rankings they desire. “Businesses need to learn the essentials of Internet Marketing”, Brisbane based Bipul said. Search Engine Optimisation is a critical business and marketing skill which today is as essential as understanding a balance sheet. Managers who don’t take the time to understand the critical components of SEO will see their business website underperforming in comparison to its potential and will open up your niche for your competitors.

Why Hiring Just A Web Developer Rather Than An Internet Marketing Professional Or An SEO Firm Is Bad For Your Business

Many businesses have hired web design and development companies to create their websites, and through their lack of SEO knowledge do not realise that not all developers understand the role of search engine optimisation. Brisbane search engine optimisation industry is still in its infancy, with very few qualified search engines firm available to help businesses through the minefield.

Businesses often end up paying thousands of dollars for web sites that do not rank in major search engines, or that don’t convert site visitors to customers. These sites are traditionally created by graphic designers who have branched out into website development without a full understanding of the latest trends and developments in SEO.

The Top 7 Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer or Development Company from Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation, OrganicWithSEO

Brisbane SEO firm, OrganicWithSEO suggests businesses ask their web designers the following questions before determining whether or not to offer them your project:

1. What process do you use to determine what are the correct keywords for my website?

 If they ask you to provide them with a list of keywords and only use these keywords you can be assured they don’t have the SEO knowledge required to get your website optimal rankings. Determining the correct keywords for your site is a science that involves extensive research on your market and your competitors. A good SEO firm will advise you on the proper use of these keywords as well as provide you with information about traffic, your target market niche and mega and micro niches related to your keywords.

2. What is your opinion of Flash home pages?

Flash pages look attractive but can be search engine poison if done incorrectly. Home pages are generally seen as the most important part of a website by search engines and are vital for your company branding. Unless you have significant keyword rich text on your front page, your page will appear as a blank screen for the search engines, and you will not rank in the search engine results. Generally you need a minimum of 300 words of text on a page in order to be optimised for the search engines.

3. Where are keywords used on my page?

Smart developers know that keywords should be included in page titles, URLs, document text, anchor text, headings and alt tags. They are not just to be included in the keywords section at the top of the web page. The critical part is the overall keyword strategy for the page – just placing the words does not necessarily improve your rankings. The strategy behind the keyword placement is the art.

4. How should we go about link exchanges, web rings and link sites?

Linking is a critical strategy for search engine optimisation, but if done incorrectly and if it appears unnatural, it will damage the credibility of your site. In general massive numbers of link exchanges, web rings, link sites and unethical link exchange should be avoided at all costs.

5. Can I make my site look bigger by adding lots of articles?

The answer to this is it depends. Content is king whether this is articles, videos, podcasts and blogs. If your articles are unique and relevant, full of the right number of keywords and are not subject to copyright then they are a great tool to boost your search engine ranking. If not, then you may fall foul of duplicate content penalties and lose all SEO benefits of the content. Always seek SEO expertise on this issue if you are not sure.

6. I want my business name and keywords in my URL.

URLs can be a useful SEO tool. The best URLs for SEO are ones that contain your keywords and having your keywords in your URL will add value to your SEO campaign. If your business name contains your keywords that is great, if not be aware that you will not be maximising your website potential. 2-3 keywords in a domain name is quite acceptable.Tip is to balance the URL by making it short , catchy and possibly by choosing the right keywords.

7. I have heard I can hide my keywords so only search engines can see them and not people as a way of boosting my rankings. Can you do that?

The answer should be a resounding NO! That is called a black hat strategy and will see you severely punished in the search engines. Any web designer who even entertains the possibility of doing that for you is the wrong person to be developing your site. Here at OrganicWithSEO we follow the SEO Code of Ethics written by Bruce Clay — suggested guidelines to promote honest and logical search engine optimization. OrganicWithSEO only uses qualified and ethical internet marketing professionals.

SEO in Brisbane, while still a developing industry, can make a significant difference to the business performance and ROI of a website. “Take the time to learn the essential SEO questions and you will be more likely to see your website appear in the top rankings” said Bipul, OrganicWithSEO, Brisbane SEO firm.

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