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ORGANICWITHSEO September Newsletter | | tel: (07) 5446 5795

OWS pieces the puzzle together

Piecing together the puzzle of website search engine optimisation (SEO) is a headache for even the most skilled website developer. Successful website promotion in 2008 requires a good business partnership with a qualified seo provider who will work with you through each step of the process.

OrganicWithSEO is Brisbane’s foremost seo provider and with its growing portfolio of local businesses, is it any wonder that Managing Director, Bipul Kafley is becoming the search engine optimisation professional of choice by small and medium businesses.

OrganicWithSEO – will piece together the puzzle of your website promotion needs.

Introducing our newest client …

Adam Parker & the Office-Shop

OWS is proud to introduce its newest client, Andrew Parker from the Office-Shop..

Recently, OWS Managing Director, Bipul Kafley was contacted by Andrew who was seeking support from a qualified Brisbane SEO firm. He wanted someone to help with website promotion so the Office-Shop could increase its sales.

This was part of their engaging conversation:

Adam: what does OrganicWithSEO really mean?
Bipul: getting top organic search engine listings (with OWS SEO services) ethically

Adam: can you guarantee the ranking?
Bipul: no – the short and simple answer is that absolutely nobody can guarantee ranking and if they do, it is a SCAM! However, what OWS certainly promises to boost your current rankings and increase the public awareness of your brand, and increase website traffic / visitors!

Bipul: what caused you to investigate search engine optimisation for your business?
Adam: about two years ago, we spent considerable time and money having our website built – it was primarily for information purposes. For sales, we were relying on referrals and word of mouth. In choosing to increase our turnover, we decided to list the website in the online version of the Yellow Pages and also commenced a strong paid marketing campaign through pay-per-click (PPC). Our business began to take off! I then decided we needed more help and SEO seemed the obvious wise investment choice for long-term return on investment.

SEO service means more than just fees!

If you are familiar with using an SEO service provider, you will be familiar with just how little value you can sometimes receive for your hard-earned money.

OrganicWithSEO is about saving you time and money, so it’s our pleasure to provide even more useful tips to assist you in your website promotion.
OrganicWithSEO brings you monthly tips to help you on your way towards successful website marketing.

September Tip

Learn what your competitor is doing by checking their source code.

It’s incredibly important to understand what (and who) you’re up against when it comes to marketing your website promotion.

OWS has found Brisbane businesses struggling to rank highly in search engines simply because their competitors pages are the most relevant for the keywords. In addition to the professional tools provided through OWS, it is important that you don’t overlook the obvious – look directly at the web pages!

OrganicWithSEO brings you monthly tips to help you on your way towards successful website marketing.

Ask yourself – what type of user experience does the webpage offer?

Remember, search engines can’t enjoy the things humans can! We may like the pictures and games and other content on a page, but a search engine spider or robot can’t.

The answer? Turn the page inside out and look at the black and white source code that created the pretty page in the first place.

Take the tip – this is hot gold!


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