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Hi Bipul,
I hope this message finds you well!
Just a quick message … you surely have heard about Google’s leap
into the browser world with “Chrome”.
What are your thoughts about its likely success?
I just read this:




Hi Jason,
I have not had a chance to amuse myself with this new Browser ‘CHROME’ however I will do some beta testing tonight and will provide you my thoughts.


Hi Bipul,
Regarding “Chrome” – thanks for your insights.
You asked my thoughts … so far…
What we want is a fast browsing experience.
I’ve downloaded Google Chrome, and it’s great. A fresh new look,  continuing the TAB theme of having several sites open at once, but the  big change for me in ‘looks’ is the disappearance of the top window
identification.  That top 5mm or so of screen space which shows you  the icon and name of the software you are using – normally showing  ”Signature Verve – Mozilla Firefox” for example.
The Comic book that launched the browser early is split into five  sections covering stability; speed; search and the user experience,  security, and standards.
Each tab will run’s its own process. Processes are be isolated from  each other, can be killed from the operating system’s process manager.
With Chrome – CTRL ALT DEL allows you to see a chrome.exe listed for  EACH TAB.   My first question is how do we work out which one is  which… that aside, it’s a brilliant concept.
Chrome is written with WebKit, the open source at the heart of Apple’s  Safari browser. The concept here is that this is the fastest open  source out there.  Apple have laid a lot on that claim, so we will  soon see when some boffins do some lab testing.  My basic tests show it is a little faster, but really, a millisecond here and there, does  it matter? I’m not sure
Searching and the user experience
In Chrome, the browser tabs are more than just movable, you can drag  them out to create a whole new standalone window.
This is best placed for APPLICATIONS – like Google Docs, or Mail, you  can drag them out and have your own window for those things – you see  that is where this is all heading, no more software.  You buy a PC,  with an operating system, and you install CHROME and you don’t need  word, excel, outlook, photoshop – online versions of ALL are  available, and being developed day by day.
The ADDRESS bar is new, and has that Firefox style HELP prompting,  start typing trev… and it will show signatureverve.com perhaps if  you’ve been here before or if it’s a popular site.
Likewise, type WORDS up there – US ELECTION and it will use that as a  SEARCH BOX, and return google search results (or others if you choose  to customise the search)
There is also a new type of ‘home page’ which shows your MOST VISITED  SITES as large screenshots.
Because each website, or tab runs as it’s own process it cannot access other processes on the computer, making is much more secure.
Standards  Chrome will be an open source project.
Interestingly, at the end of the comic book, Google pay’s tribute to  Mozilla and Webkit, two open source projects that lead the way to this  happening in reality.
Look, Firefox has not TAKEN THE WORLD BY STORM, at best 20% of all  internet users are using it.  Internet Explorer is EXTREMELY DOMINANT,  and it will take a LOT to break that dominance.  But I guess if anyone
can do it, Google can!
Just my informal comments!
I won’t be using any other browser until CHROME Crashes. This is so CUIL and so much faster. Feels like the next generation browser.
  • I couldn’t get it to CRASH. …
    Its multiprocess architecture provides extra layer of security by separating each page and application within a restricted environment.  My experience with IE7 was not so good when all my browsers use to crash due to one bad web site.- so one defective site won’t affect anything else that you have open
  • I feel like I am driving a sports car.
    Why don’t you test drive and let us know your ‘CHROME’ experience
Mine had been great so far. I found:
  • one dodgy web site won’t haul down the rest of your browsing
  • distinct advantage over some slower-loading alternatives
  • I thought I lost my browser, it is barely there.
As my friend Jason quoted above, you have got the whole site to yourself. No LOGOS and NO compromising on the monitor space. Even small monitor can experience great surfing experience.
  • Typing Junk actually make sense.
Love this Omnibox feature. No questions asked, this feature will suggest you the right location.
  • Inspect Element
SEO and webmasters will love this feature.  Inspect feature lets you inspect information that is of interest to you rather than viewing all source codes. I find it very useful
  • Play incognito.
Offers a private browsing option- operate browsers independently
  • Great error handling and suggestions
At least those error messages and prompt make sense
  • Still in BETA:
  • While in Beta testing phase, I would wait and be very careful
  • Am I giving a lot of information while Browsing?I feel that I am offering total control over my experience from the time I open Chrome to the time I shut down.


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